Semi-automatic Sausage Tying Machine is driven by the air compressor to tie the final filled sausage, it is cheap in price. It can be used with Sausage Filling Machine. There are two kinds of Sausage Tying machines, namely, single-way Sausage Tying Machines and double-way Sausage Tying Machines. It is the important equipment in sausage making factories for the quantitative production of sausage. It is easy to operate and one worker can operate it, therefore, using Sausage Tying Machine can decrease cost and increase profit.

sausage knotting machine

Advantages of Sausage Tying Machine

1. It adopts electric motor driving, and semi-automatic operation.
2. Every minute can tie all kinds of sausage in 10-100 sections.
3. It can process sausage diameter 9mm-38mm.
4. With a control cabinet, the machine is easy to operate.
5. Machine body is made of 304 stainless steel.

Application of Sausage Tying Machine

sausage tying

1. Semi-automatic Sausage Tying Machine is commonly used with a sausage filling machine to tie the final filled sausage.
2. It is suitable for tying varied casings, like pig casing, sheep casing, collagen casing, plastic casing, etc for the quantitative production of sausage.
3. Usually work together with vaccum sausage filling machine or hydraulic sausage filling machine in a sausage production line.

Sausage Tying Machine Technical Data

Model ZX-S
Capacity 10-100 sections/min
Sausage length per section 30-300mm
Sausage diameter 9-35mm
Power 1.5kw
Voltage Single-phase 220V 50HZ
Dimension 1100*500*900mm
Weight 88kg

Sausage Tying Machine Working Video