Introduction of Frozen Meat Cube Cutting Machine

This frozen meat cube cutting machine can directly cut all kinds of frozen meat from – 24 ℃ to – 18 ℃ without thawing, which can reduce the time of thawing and avoid the loss of nutrients in the whole meat during the process of slowing down. It is an indispensable meat cutting equipment in the processing of meat products. Widely used for cutting frozen pork, beef, mutton, boneless chicken, fish. Suitable for catering industry, unit canteen, food processing plant and other units.

304 stainless steel electric meat cutting machine
Big meat dice cutting machine
commercial frozen chicken cube cutter machine
frozen meat cutters for-sale
Frozen pork meat cutter
meat cube dicer machine

Features of Frozen Meat Cube Dicer Machine

  1. The complete machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the blade is made of alloy steel to avoid contamination.
  2. Frozen meat from -24°C to -18°C can be directly cut into cubes. It is the pre-procedure of the meat cutting and mixing machine and meat grinder process.
  3. Wholly welded machine body stable and low noises.
  4. Working with standard skip cars, no splash during slicing.
features and cutting effects of frozen meat cube cutter machine

Technical Data of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine

  • Model: TQD-2000
  • Knife speed: 41times/min
  • Material slot width: 460/500mm
  • Transverse feed distance: 220mm
  • Power: 4kw
  • Capacity: 2-5t/h
  • Weight: 600kg
  • Dimension: 1380*750*1220mm

Working Video of Frozen Meat Cube Cutter