Introduction of Electric Cooked Meat Slicer

The electric cooked meat slicer is a small type of cooked meat cutter. It is used to cut cooked meat, like beef, poultry gizzard, lamp, etc. into uniform slices, the slicing thickness can be adjusted from 1mm to14mm.

electric cooked meat slicing machine
cooked meat slicer
cutting chamber of cooked meat slicer

Features of Small Cooked Meat Slicing Machine

  1. Adjust the speed switch, the cutting thickness can be adjustable.
  2. With rotary knife sharpening device, which can sharpen the knife at any time.
  3. The machine body is made of stainless steel. High efficiency, low power consumption.
sliced cooked meat

Technical Data of Electric Cooked Meat Slicer

  • Model: SRQP1
  • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Power: 900/600W
  • Max. loading: 15KG/time
  • Knife diameter: 320mm
  • Cutting thickness: 1-14mm

Working Video of Electric Cooked Meat Slicer