Introduction of Chicken Thigh Deboner / Deboning Machine

Chicken Thigh Deboner / Deboning Machine is designed to remove and separate bone from the chicken thigh. With advanced technology, the chicken leg deboner can remove bone easily without harm to the chicken thigh. High efficiency and stability. Saving time and labor.

Poultry Thigh Deboner Machine
Chicken thigh deboning machine
Thigh deboning machine

Working Principle of Poultry Thigh Deboner Machine

Put poultry leg on the tray and enter into the deboning system, the positioning sliding bock and top-rod sliding block to push poultry leg into separating rubber sleeve. Finally, the deboning machine separates meat from the bone.

working princile of poultry leg bone removing machine

How to operate the Chicken Thigh Deboning Machine?

One operator loads the thigh into the product holder. Subsequently, the product holder takes the thigh through a sequence of deboning steps integrated in a carousel mechanism.

  1. The product is positioned by the probe.
  2. The thigh joint is pushed gently through the rubber diaphragm, while the thigh meat, including the knee cap, remains on the product holder.
  3. The bone is released from the diaphragm.
  4. The deboned thigh meat with or without the skin is discharged to a separate location.

how to operate chicken thigh deboning machine

Advantages of Chicken Leg Deboner

*  Simple process of mechanically pushing the bones through a rubber diaphragm.
*  Very high yield and extremely low bone content.
*  Easy to operate, clean and maintain.
*  Can easily be integrated.
*  Sturdy construction.

features of chicken leg deboner machine

Technical Data of Chicken Leg Deboner

  • Model: TG-16
  • Dimensions: 1850*1800*1920
  • Total power: 1.1kw;
  • Frequency controllerpower: 1.5kw;
  • Voltage: 380V;
  • Deboning speed: 70-80pcs / min