Introduction of Meat and Bone Paste Grinding Machine

The meat and bone paste grinding machine is a combined grinder. It is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and durable. This bone paste grinder can process various poultry and livestock bones, meat, skin, fish, and shrimp into paste products. For fish, poultry, and meat, the machine can grind the material into fine paste 160-200mesh.

meat and bone paste grinding machine

Application of Meat and Bone Grinder Machine

  1. It can process frozen meat, fresh bone, whole fish, whole poultry, whole rabbit, fresh meat, etc.

what kind of meat and bone can be grinded by the bone paste grinding machine

  1. Applicable for producing bone paste, meat paste, shrimp paste, sesame paste, peanut butter, etc.
  2. This bone paste grinding machine is widely used in meat shops, restaurants, schools, etc.

application area of meat and bone paste grinder mahine

Features of Industrial Meat and Bone Grinder

Technical Data of Industrial Bone Paste Grinding Machine

  • Model: YGNJ-300
  • Capacity: 700-1200kg/h
  • Power: 22KW
  • Voltage: 3 phase 380V/50HZ
  • Output size: approx. 160-200 mesh
  • Dimension: 1520*720*1420
  • Weight: 700kg