Introduction of Commercial Meat Shredding Machine

This commercial fresh meat shredding machine uses a motor to drive the blade to rotate and cut the meat. It can cut the meat into shreds the first time cutting, and also if you want meat cubes, you can put the shredded meat into the cutting chamber for cutting the second time. It is widely used in large restaurants and schools. Canteen, food processing industry.

Electric meat shredder machine

Features of Electric Meat Shredder Machine

1. Equipped with 2 sets of blades, the meat cutter can cut meat into strips directly.
2. The 2 sets of the blade are separated and can be removed easily. If you want to cut meat into slices, it only needs to remove the lower blades.

How to Dismantle Cutting Blade

3. Meat cutting width can be customized from 2.5mm to 10mm.
4. The meat shredder machine is suitable for fresh meat, cooked pig ear, fresh pepper, etc..

shredded produce and diced material by the meat shredder machine
5. The machine body is made of food-grade stainless steel.
6. With wheels, the machine is easy to move.
7. Simple key-button for easy operation.
8. Protective device to protect the hand when feeding material.
9. 45°slop discharge tray to ensure smooth output.

details of commercial meat shredder

Technical Data of Commercial Meat Shredding Machine

Model QRS250 QRS500 QRS800
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v
Power 550w*2 550w*2 750w*2
Output material thickness 2.5-25 mm 2.5-25 mm 2.5-25 mm
Capacity 250 kg/h 500 kg/h 800 kg/h
Dimension 440*460*550mm 510*530*870mm 680*660*930mm
Weight 66 kg 78 kg 138 kg