Introduction of Fresh & Cooked Meat Slicing Portioning Machine

The high-quality fresh  & cooked meat slicing portioning machine has functions of cutting, portioning, and stacking. The machine can cut the fresh meat and cooked meat into meat slices with precise portion weight, and each portion has the same thickness, which makes it is ideal for the production of ready-to-cook and self-service meat products in meat processing companies.

fresh and cooked meat slicing and portioning machine

Application of Fresh Meat Slicing Portioning Machine

It is suitable for portion-controlled slicing of different fresh and boneless meat cuts of pork, beef, fish, veal, and turkey, and the slice thickness can be adjustable between 1mm to 30mm.

cutting effect of fresh meat slicing portioning machine

Features of Portion-controlled Fresh Meat Slicing Machine

  1. The machine adopts upper and lower belt structures to deliver the material.
  2. Adopt a touch screen control cabinet, it can cut meat into slices precisely.
  3. Equipped with a speed control device, the knife speed and conveyor speed can be adjustable.
  4. The machine can cut meat into thin slices with German knife.
  5. The machine is used to cut both fresh meat and cooked meat into slices.

Technical Data of Portion Control Fresh Meat Slicer

  • Model: FCS160
  • Power: 1.25KW
  • Cutting speed: 60-260 pieces/min
  • Cutting slice thickness: 1-30mm
  • material size: 600*160*100mm
  • Output conveyor width: 210mm
  • Material temperature: 0-5℃
  • Dimension: 2345*580*1535mm
  • Weight: 370kg

Working Video of Fresh Meat Slicing Portioning Machine