Introduction of Automatic Quantitative Sausage Filling Twisting Machine

This automatic sausage stuffer machine is a pneumatic type, and can continuously automatic quantitative filling and twisting, suitable for filling all kinds of ham products, suitable for the natural casing, collagen, and smoked casing.

Sausage filler machine
Commercial sausage making machine
Commercial sausage stuffer
Sausage stuffer machine

Features of Pneumatic Quantitative Twisting Filling Machine

  1. The quantitative sausage filler machine is designed according to the pneumatic control principle and can work automatically and continuously.
  2. The weight of the sausage ranges between 50g and 1000g, the allowed error is ±3g.
  3. It can set the quantity and twist at the same time. Also, the machine can direct filling meat into casing.
  4. The whole sausage stuffer machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
  5. Suitable for the natural casing, collagen, and smoked sausage.
sausage made by Best sausage stuffer

Technical Data of Twisting Quantitative Pneumatic Sausage Filling Machine

Model GC-II
Twisting speed 60-100 times/min
Voltage Single-phase 220V 50HZ
Power 0.5KW
Quantitative range 50g-1000g
Working centre height 850mm
Filling tube diameter 15mm, 19mm. 25mm
Hopper volume 57L
Dimension 650*640*1430mm
Weight 145kg
Air compressor pressure 0.5Mpa