Introduction of Pork Skin Removing Machine

The high-quality pork skin removing machine is made of advanced stainless steel and meets food hygiene standards. It can be used to peel the skin of the pork, beef, lamb, fish, chicken, etc. with high efficiency of up to 18m/min, one machine can instead 30-50 people working capacity.

beef skin peeling machine
Fresh pork skin peeling machine
Meat skin peeling machine
Pork skin removal machine

Features of Pork Skin Peeling Machine

  1. Made of stainless steel, comply with the food sanitation standard.
  2. With German blade, it is adjustable to the thickness of the skin.The skin removing thickness can be adjustable between 0.3mm-6mm, through the triggle.
  3. Equipped with mobile wheel, it is convenient to move.
  4. Pedal operation, more security.
  5. 5. The handling capacity can reach 18m/min.
structure and features of pork meat skin peeling machine
removed skin peeled by the pork skin peeling machine

Technical Data of Fresh Pork Meat Skinning Machine

  • Model: ZQP-500
  • Capacity: 18m/min
  • Dealing thickness: 0.3-6mm
  • Power: 740W
  • Dimension: 815*710*880mm
  • Weight: 158kg

Working Video of Pork Skin Peeling Machine