Introduction of Commercial Chicken Plucker

The commercial chicken plucker is a vertical poultry plucking machine, is made of stainless steel. It is mainly used in the process of poultry slaughtering line of plucking chicken, duck, goose, etc. Our commercial poultry plucking machine can process 2,000-8,000 pieces of poultry per hour. The plucking machine adopts a mechanical transmission mode and relies on the relative movement between poultry and rubber roller to remove feathers. On both sides of the machine, each has A depilatory box. And the adjustment is automatic for working box height, width, and angle for feather removal.

Commercial chicken plucker for sale

Features of Commercial Chicken Plucking Machine

  1. All body is made of stainless steel.
  2. Adopt an A-type bracket and the body of this poultry plucker machine can be opened.
  3. The angle and direction of the plucking box can be adjusted freely.
  4. The body of the machine can be automatically aligned to achieve the best effect of plucking.
  5. The plucker machine is used for poultry plucking, like chicken, duck, goose, etc.
features of Commercial chicken plucker machine

Technical Data of Commercial Chicken Plucker Machine

Model TFC40 TFJ60 TFC64 TFJ96
Rubber roller 40 60 64 96
Power 8.8KW 13.2KW 17.6KW 26.4KW
Dimension 3350*2300*2500mm 4400*2350*2500mm
Capacity 2,000-8,000 pieces/hr
Note: The suitable model of the machine can be recommended according to your slaughtering requirement.