Introduction of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine

The frozen meat cutting machine is applicable for cutting frozen meat -10℃~-5℃, like pork, chicken without bone, fish, beef, cheese, and so on. It can cut meat into 5-15mm cubes, and 3-17mm strips.

  • Blade disc is changed and cleaned easily.
  • Cutting speed can be adjusted through the control panel.
multi-purpose Frozen meat cube cutting machine for sale
high quality cutting blade
precision control instrument
drive part and cutting part is separated, easy to clean the machine

Working Principle of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine

The infinitely adjustable slicing knife first cut the meat into slices; next, the circular knives cut the slices into strips; finally, the crosscut knife spindle cuts the meat strips into dices.

working principle of frozen meat cutter machine commercial

Suitable Temperature for Different Meat When Cutting Cubes and Slices

  • Chicken Cubes and chicken slices:

Slices: 0℃~-3℃

  • Pork Cubes and pork slices:

Cubes: -3℃~-6℃
Slices: -3℃~-6℃

  • Beef/Mutton Cubes and Slices:

Cubes: -4℃~-6℃
Slices: -3℃~-7℃

Frozen meat cubes and slices

Technical Data of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine

  • Model: RD-350
  • Capacity: 800-1500kg/h
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3 phase
  • Size: 1640*900*1500mm
  • Meat cube width: 5-15mm customized

Working Video of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine for Dicing