Introduction of Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine

Stainless steel chicken gizzard peeling machine is used to peel the yellow skin of the chicken gizzard. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel and has advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, stable performance, convenience and efficiency. It is suitable for chicken slaughtering plants, food processing plants, restaurants, schools, etc.

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Features of Chicken Gizzard Peeler Machine

  1. The roller will be driven by a gear motor to relative rotate so that to peel the gizzard.
  2. BZJ-2B and BZJ-2A are suitable for two persons working at the same time, to save space and energy.
  3. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, easy to clean.
details and excellent peeling result of gizzard peeler

How to Use Machine for Peeling Chicken Gizzard?

1) Place the gizzard peeler machine on the horizontal ground and check whether each part is fastened.
2) Connect the gizzard peeler machine motor to the power source.
3) Start the gizzard peeler machine to run without loading for 3 minutes to check if there is a problem.
4) Start the chicken gizzard machine and water source, put gizzard on the roller to remove yellow skin.

Technical Data of Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine

Model Capacity Power Dimension
BZJ-1B 200kg/h 1.1KW 830*530*800mm
BJZ-2B 200kg/h 0.75KW 1300*550*800mm
BZJ-1A 200kg/h 1.1KW 940*500*900mm
BZJ-2A 350kg/h 1.1KW 940*550*900mm