Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine Introduction

The Chicken cutting machine can cut fresh and frozen chicken meat and other meat into blocks. It is also used for cutting other meat such as duck meat, goose meat, fish, ribs, etc. The cutting thickness can be adjusted to meet your different needs. This chicken chopper machine has high efficiency and will not produce meat mince. It is cost-effective equipment in poultry processing.
automatic poultry cutter machine applications

Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine Applications

1. Chicken cube cutting machine can cut fresh chicken meat, frozen chicken meat, whole chicken, chicken thigh, etc.
2. This poultry cutting machine can also cut duck meat, goose meat, fish, ribs, frozen pork, frozen mutton, chilled beef, frozen pork ribs, frozen pork trotter, etc. Into meat cubes.
3. The automatic chicken cutting machine is suitable for large, medium, and small meat processing plants, schools, canteens, slaughterhouses, large supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

chicken meat cube cutting machine

Chicken Chopper Machine Working Principle

Just put the whole chicken on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the chicken will be automatically delivered to the cutter to be cut into cubes.

poultry meat cutting machine parts

Poultry Cutting Machine Features

1. The chicken cutting machine is wholly covered by stainless steel, hygienic, and easy to clean.
2. The thickness adjustment plate of the duck cutting machine is strengthened so that it will not shake when moving.
3. The safety lever installed on the chicken chopper machine improves the safety of workers.
4. Compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, and low power consumption.
5. The automatic chicken cutting machine will not produce minced meat.

Chicken Cutting Machine Technical Data

Fresh Chicken Meat Cube Cutter
Frozen Chicken Meat Cube Cutter
260 kg
220kg ( Customized)
220 V
220 V
2.2 kW
3.0 kW
1300*700*850 mm
600 kg/hr
Stripping and slicing size
Can be set based on your need

Chicken Cutting Machine Working Video