Introduction of Automatic Sausage Clipper Machine

The automatic sausage clipper machine features accurate action, simple structure, low failure rate, fast speed, and good punching effect. It can work correctly connecting with a sausage stuffer, especially suitable for sausage mouth sealing, with a good sealing effect, and no leakage.

Automatic double clipper machine for sausage
Automatic sausage clipper machine
Sausage casing clipper
Sausage clipping machine

Features of Automatic Sausage Clipping Machine

  1. The sausage clipper machine mainly uses compressed air as the power to transform the linear motion of the cylinder into a rotating motion, through the chain wheel chain to the kink, and synchronize the kink synchronizer with the casing pipe by synchronizing the coupling.
  2. This sausage casing clipper can seal and fold 25-80mm nylon film, shrinkage film, and PVDC film intestinal coat.
  3. It needs to change matched mold and aluminum wire according to different casing folding diameters.
  4. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
sausages processed by Sausage stuffing clipping machine

Technical Data of Automatic Sausage Casing Clipper

  • Model: DK-II
  • speed: 60 times/min
  • Power: 0.5KW
  • Casing diameter: φ30-φ90mm
  • Aluminum wire diameter: φ2.1-φ2.94mm
  • Voltage: Single phase 220V 50HZ
  • Air compressor pressure: 0.7Mpa
  • Dimension: 630*630*1500mm
  • Notice: It needs the user to prepare an air compressor to supply air for the machine.

Automatic Sausage Clipper Machine Working Video