Vacuum Meat Mixer Introduction

A Vacuum meat mixer is a necessary machine for meat blending. This commercial meat mixer can mix meat evenly for making sausage, meatballs, as well as dumplings, and wontons. High efficiency and easy operation. The mixing can make the meat stuffing more viscous, elastic, and tasty. Meat processed by this meat mixer has a great quality of even mixing, full expansion, good texture, bright color, and maximized protein extraction.

20L Vacuum Meat Mixer

20L vacuum meat mixer
electric sausage meat mixer
Sausage Making Vacuum Meat Mixer Machine for Home 20L

100L Vacuum Meat Mixer

High efficiency 100L vacuum double shaft meat mixing machine
meat stuffing mixing machine
minced meat mixing machine

300L Vacuum Meat Mixer

304 stainless steel electric meat blender mixer
electric sausage meat mixer
Factory supply vacuum tumbling mixer

750L Vacuum Meat Mixer

Big capacity vacuum meat mixer
high efficiency meat mixing machine
sausage meat mixing blender machine

1200L Vacuum Meat Mixer

large capacity meat mixing machine for sausage production
Professional Meat Mixer Machine
vacuum meat mixing machine at best price

Vacuum Meat Mixer Application

▶ Used for all kinds of sausage products and meatball products.
▶ Used for dumpings, wanton, etc stuffing food.
▶ Used for granular, powdery, pulpy, mushy and pasty raw materials.
▶ Used for meat processing in the hotel, restaurant, eatery, etc.

vacuum meat mixer can be used for sausage, stuffed meatball, dumpling production

Vacuum Meat Mixer Features

1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, reliable and durable.
2. Even mixing: parallel double-shaft of spiral structure, ramp-type mixing paddle, and spiral-propulsion stirrer improve the even mixing.
3. Good vacuum effect: the vacuum degree can be set as required to realize the best mixing effect.
4. Employing a programmable controller and touch-screen controller to set working time and mixing procedure.

mixing shaft of vacuum meat mixing machine, stainless steel

Small Meat Mixing MachineSpecifications

Model VBX-20 VBX-30 VBX-50 VBX-100 VBX-150
Volume(L) 20 30 50 100 150
Capacity(kg/time) 5-10 15 30-40 40-60 60-80
Power(Kw) 0.62 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2
Voltage(V/HZ) 380v, 50 Hz 380v 50HZ 380v 50HZ 380v 50HZ 380v 50HZ
Rotate speed(rpm) 36 24 24 36 24
Reverse style Horizontal flip Horizontal flip Horizontal flip Vertical front discharge Vertical front discharge
Vacuum degree(Mpa) -0.12 -0.12 -0.12 -0.12 -0.12
Machine Size(mm) 640*330*860 950*500*780 1060*600*1220 1100*675*1220 1400*720*1330

Medium Vacuum Mixer  Specifications

Model VBX-200 VBX-300 VBX-650 VBX-750
Volume 200L 300L 600L 700L
Rotating speed(r/min) 36 40 36 36
Capacity(kg/batch) 80-140 200 300-400KG 400-500KG
Power(kw) 3.75 5.15 6 7.1
Discharge style Automatic Automatic Vertical front discharge Vertical front discharge
Vacuum(Mpa)     -0.04-0.08 -0.04-0.08
Machine size(mm) 1380*750*1310 1350*840*1420 1600*1070*1450 1750*1200*1450

Large Mixing Machine Specifications

Model VBX-1200 VBX-3000
Volume 1200L 3000L
Rotating speed(r/min) 40 40
Capacity(kg/time) 800KG 2200KG
Power(kw) 10.2 26
Discharge style Vertical front discharge Vertical front discharge
Vacuum(Mpa) -0.04-0.08 -0.04-0.08
Machine size(mm) 2160*1500*2000 2975*1850*2370

Vacuum Meat Mixer Video