Introduction of Automatic Chicken Scalding Plucking Machine

The chicken scalding plucking machine is a new type of poultry processing equipment. The scalding and plucking are automatically completed. The scalding machine can scald chicken evenly, and the temperature is automatically controlled. The scalded chicken is automatically introduced into the plucker. The plucking machine removes chicken feathers cleanly and quickly and improves efficiency. It can work continuously without interruption and can process 500 pieces of poultry per hour. This poultry scalding plucking equipment can save labor.

Poultry scalder plucker
chicken scalding machine
chicken plucker

Application of Poultry Scalding Defeathering Machine

  1. Suitable for scalding and plucking chicken, pigeon, quail, broiler, duck, goose, and other birds.
  2. It is a poultry processing device suitable for small and medium slaughter plants, canteen, meat shop, etc.

Advantages of Industrial Chicken Scalding Plucker Machine

details of poultry scalder plucker

  1. Scalding and plucking machines are equipped with automatic discharging systems.
  2. The scalding machine is equipped with an automatic water feed system, temperature control system, and automatic discharging system.
  3. The feather plucking rate is high to 99%.
  4. Scalding and plucking and also the door opening time all adjustable.

Technical Data of TMJ-500 Automatic Poultry Scalding Plucker