Introduction of Automatic Fish Killing Machine

The automatic fish killing machine is a multifunctional fish cleaning machine. It has functions of fish scale removal, fish belly removal, internal organ removal, and fish body cleaning. No damage to fish skin, fish fins, and fish body.

Fish scale removal, fish belly removal, internal organ removal and fish body cleaning
Automatic fish gutting machine
Automatic fish killer machine
Electrical Fish Cleaning Machine

Application of Automatic Fish Cleaning Machine

1.This fish-killing scaling gutting machine can process silver carp, bran, grass carp, carp, salmon, cinnamon, tilapia, bass, abalone fish, and other fish.

fish variety can be processed by the fish killing machine

2. This fish-killing cleaning equipment brings effective work efficiency to fish and food processing factories, large supermarkets, institutional canteens, seafood markets, farmers markets, grilled fish shops, pickled fish shops, hot pot shops, and other restaurants and hotels.

application areas of automatic fish scaling killing gutting cleaning machine

Features of Stainless Steel Fish Killing Machine

  1. Adopt 428H chain driving, to reduce output torque when high loading.
  2. Adopt an Optronic Sensor and time adjuster. It can set gutting time according to fish size to make sure gutting is clean and does no harm to fish.
  3. Can kill fish continuously, killing time is 10-40 seconds per fish according to different sizes of fish.
  4. The fish gutting machine body can be made of 201 stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel.
details part of automatic fish killer machine

How to Electric Fish Killing Machine Cleaning Fish?

Step 1: (Input)

Manually put the fish on the worktable into the feed port orderly, the rolling shaft in the machine automatically conveys the fish forward.

Step 2: (Gutting)

During the conveying process, the knife underneath opens the fish and remove viscera.

Step 3: (Scaling and cleaning)

The fish is conveyed to the rolling rotary trough in front of the fish scale removal. During the rolling process, there is a high-pressure spray system above the trough to go. In the process of scaling, wash off the scales and viscera

Step 4: (Output)

The fish are conveyed through the conveyor belt.

Technical Data of Automatic Fish Killer Machine

Model SYJ-1000
Capacity 500-600kg/h  (10-40s/fish)
Fish weight 0.4-4 kg
Voltage Single phase 220V 50HZ
Power 2.2KW
Dimension 1000*600*800mm
Weight 110kg

Working Video of Automatic Fish Killing Machine