Meatball Making Machine Introduction

This meatball-making machine is mainly used to produce fish balls, shrimp meatballs, chicken meatballs, pork balls, beef balls, mutton balls, Vege-balls, and seafood balls. We supply two kinds of meatball machines: the mechanical speed regulation one and the frequency speed control one. Available for different size meatballs by adjusting molds.
Tips: We can also supply a meatball production line. The main equipment of the line is meat grinding machine, meat slicing machine, stuffing mixer, bowl cutter, meatball machine, molding tank, frying machine, etc.

Stainless steel meatball forming machine

Meatball Forming Machine Characters

1. Available for different size meatballs by adjusting molds.
2. Suitable for various kinds of meatballs, like seafood balls, beef balls, vege-balls, etc.
3. Can make meatballs with different flavors.
4. Can be used to make stuffing for dumplings and steamed buns.
5. Made of stainless steel, meeting the sanitation standard, durable, and easy to clean.
6. The meatball produced by this machine has good quality in size, taste, and texture.

why choose our meatball making machine

Meatball Making Machine Use Principle

★ Ensure the power supply and the ground wire is well-connected and clean the machine before starting.
★ The meat should be processed by a meat grinder before using a meatball machine.
★ To ensure the good size of meatballs, the meat in the charging barrel should be in the right amount, not too much, not too little.
★ After work, the machine should be cleaned and dried.

Meatball Forming Machine Technical Data

Power (kw)
Voltage (v)
Capacity (kg/h)
Meat Ball Size (mm)
Weight (kg)
Dimension (mm)

Meatball Forming Machine Video