Introduction of Automatic Cooked Meat Slicing Machine

This automatic cooked meat slicing machine is multi-functional meat & vegetable cutting machine. The machine can cut bacon, ham, sausage, fish, pork, beef, mutton, etc into slices with uniform thickness. It can also be used for vegetable cutting slicing. This cooked meat slicing machine is a useful helper in fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, large canteens, and the food industry.

automatic cooked meat slicing machine

Features of Cooked Meat & vegetable Slicing Machine

  1. Built with an output conveyor made of the food-grade belt, the output food is set in order.
  2. Adopt independent frequency control, the cutting thickness can be adjustable between 0-20mm.
  3. Adopt imported sharpen knives with long service life.
  4. It can cut cooked meat and vegetables.

Application of Multifunctional Meat Slicer Machine

  1. The cooked meat slicer machine Can cut cooked meat, such as barbecued pork, bacon, beef, marbled meat, beef.
  2. The multifunctional cutting machine can also cut vegetable, such as carrot, potato, chilli, cucumber, lotus root, Bitter gourd, towel gourd, zucchini etc.
meat slices, pig ear slices cut by cooked meat slicer
cooked meat slices, fish meat slices, vegetable slices cut by the cooked meat slicing machine
beef slices and vegetable slices cut by our automatic cooked meat slicer
potato slices, lotus root slices, and pepper slices cut by multifunctional cooked meat cutter

Technical Data of Automatic Cooked Meat Slicing Machine

  • Model: QRP-5N
  • Capacity: 300-500kg/h
  • Power: 1KW
  • Voltage: 3 phase 380V 50HZ
  • Belt conveyor width: 125mm
  • Meat slice thickness: 0-20mm
  • Dimension: 790*510*1250mm
  • Weight: 165kg

Working Video of Automatic Cooked Meat Slicing Machine