Meat Dicing Machine Introduction

This meat dicing machine can be used to dice slightly frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat, and poultry products with bones. With high efficiency, this machine is the preferred equipment to cut meat into meat cubes, shreds, slices, and strips for many meat processing plants.

QD-300 Meat Cube Dicer

cube meat cutting machine QD-300
Meat Dicing Machine QD-300

QD-350 Meat Cube Dicer

Meat cube cutter QD-350
QD-350 frozen meat cube cutter
QD-350 Machine to cut meat into cubes

QD-350 Meat Cube Dicer with Wheels

QD-350 Meat cube dicer with wheels
QD-350 mobile Frozen meat cube cutting machine
QD-350 Frozen meat dicer

QD-550 Meat Dicing Machine

Cube meat dicing machine
Industrial meat dicer
Restaurant meat dicer
details of control panel of QD-550 meat dicing machine

Meat Dicing Machine Application

♦ Widely used for cutting many kinds of meat: slightly frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat and poultry meat with bones into meat cubes, slices, shreds, and strips.
♦ Widely applied to many kinds of business: meat processing plants, frozen food plants, leisure food plants, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, chain catering enterprises, hypermarkets, schools, large-scale logistics dining rooms, central kitchens and catering companies, etc.

meat cubes cut by this multifunctional meat cutting machine

Meat Dicing Machine Features

1. The cutting thickness can be adjusted between 4-30 mm.
2. Other than the dicing function, the meat dicing machine also can be used for meat shreds, slices, and strips.
3. Supporting to handle fresh meat, frozen meat, cooked meat and poultry products with bones.
4. Made of stainless steel, easy to operate; simple to clean and maintain.

cutting effects and cutting knives of meat dicer machine
details and features of meat dicing machine

Technical Data of Multifunctional Meat Dicing Machine

Model QD-300 QD-350 QD-550
Power  2.25KW 3.0KW 3.7KW
Capacity 300-500 kg/h 500-600kg/h 700-900kg/h
Meat cube size 3/6/9/12mm etc.. 4/8/12mm or 6/12mm 6/12/24mm or 5/10/15/20mm
Dimension 1350*760*950mm 730*1410*980mm 830*1660*1150mm
Material 201 SUS+304 SUS 304 SUS 304 SUS

Working Video of Meat Dicing Machine