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Meat Cutting Machines

Commercial Meat Cutters for Different Meat. Dozen of Meat Cutting Machines For Your Choice

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Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine

This Chicken cutting machine can cut fresh and frozen chicken meat and other meat into blocks. It is also used for cutting other meat such as duck meat, goose meat, fish, ribs, etc. The cutting thickness can be adjusted to meet your different needs. This chicken chopper machine has high efficiency and will not produce meat mince. It is cost-effective equipment in poultry processing.

A dozen of sausage-making machines for any sausage manufacturers at an affordable price.

Bone Grinding Machine

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    Fish Skinning Machine

    This fish skin removal machine is used to remove the skin of various kinds of fish easily, such as squid, catfish, Gadus, carp, etc. The fish skin can be peeled automatically with a high work rate of 99%, which amounts to 30-50 workers’ operational capacity. The fish skinning machine is easy to operate. The blades can be adjusted front and back up and down so they can be applied to any kind of fish.

    Automatic Meat Mixer Machine

    This commercial meat mixer can mix meat evenly for making sausage, meatballs, ham, hot dogs, patty, meat pie, etc. We have several Meat Mixer models which can meet the demand for small, medium, and large-scale production. The mixing can make the meat stuffing more viscous, elastic, and tasty. The meat mixer has a reasonable structure thus it is user-friendly and easy to wash. High efficiency and easy operation.