Blood Tofu Introduction

Blood tofu, also known as “blood bean curd” or “blood pudding”, is a popular Cantonese delicacy in Hong Kong, southern China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. And the blood tofu is also made into food by many western countries. For example, in Britain, black pudding (Blood sausage) is made from pig’s blood and a high proportion of oatmeal. It is commonly served with carbohydrates, such as noodles or congee.

Blood Tofu Production

There are two kinds of blood tofu produced: pre-steamed blood tofu and box-packed blood tofu. And box-packed blood tofu is cost-efficient and commonly used.

Our blood tofu machines offer you a complete blood tofu production solution. You can choose the suitable capacity according to the capacity calculation method as below:

Box-packed Blood Tofu Production Line Capacity

1 Reference capacity The ratio of duck blood to water is 1:2
The daily input of duck blood is 10t and that of water is 20t
Box-packed: 330g/box
Daily capacity: 90,000 boxes
2 Pre-treatment capacity 1000L cooking tank takes 0.5h processing.
Filtration, degassing, and pre-cooking: 2 batches per hour.
The pre-treatment capacity of original blood: 2T/h
The treatment capacity for blood and water is 6T/h.
3 Filling and Packing capacity Packing machine: 3600 boxes/h (330g/box)
30T product takes about 11h for packing.
4 Sterilization capacity Sterilization machine: 2.2t/batch
30T product takes about 10h sterilization.
5 Cooling Air cooling and manual loading: 1.5h
6 Machine cleaning 1h

Blood Tofu Line Flow Chart

Blood collection→Filtering→Batching→Degassing→Filling and Packing→Sterilization→Inspection→Storage

Blood Tofu Line Operation Request:

1. Blood collection:
Only the pigs and ducks that have passed the quarantine can go to the slaughter production line. Use a hollow knife to collect the whole blood in a numbered container. Add a certain amount of anticoagulant in advance to the container, mix quantitatively, and put it in the 4~10℃ cold storage. It can be processed only after the meat inspection is completed and it is confirmed that there is no disease pollution. If one of the pork or duck fails to pass the inspection, all the blood in the container containing the pig or duck’s blood shall be discarded and shall be treated with harmless disinfection as required. In addition, the container should not be too large, so that the blood can be cooled and stored in time.
1) Before blood collection, add a little water and 0.2% to 0.5% animal plasma anticoagulant into the blood collection barrel and stir well.
2) Stir every 5-10 minutes during the blood collection process, stirring in the same direction.
3) After the blood is collected, filter it once with a funnel made of cold cloth or gauze.

2. Blood Filtration and degassing:
The cooled blood is filtered through a 20-mesh sieve to remove a small amount of clot, mixed with a certain concentration of a salt solution, and put into a degassing tank for vacuum degassing. The degassing temperature is 40℃, the vacuum degree is -0.08~-0.09MPa, and the time is about 5 minutes.

3. Blood Tofu Packing of ingredients:
Add coagulation factor activator to the degassed blood, then add water, salt, and related additives, stir evenly and quickly put it into the box, so that it will coagulate naturally within 15 minutes.

4. Blood Tofu Filling and packing:
The blood material is filled into box sand sealed with an automatic packing machine.

5. Blood Tofu High-temperature sterilization:
Pig blood and duck blood require high temperature and high-pressure sterilization. Generally, 121°C water bath sterilization is required, the sterilization time should be about 15-30 minutes, and the backpressure operation should be performed during cooling.
6. Blood Tofu Inspection:
The sterilized product has been inspected to be free of damage, air leakage, or deformation. At the same time, it shall be sent to the inspection laboratory for relevant colony count inspection. Only after passing the inspection can it be put into storage.