Introduction of Corned Beef Processing

The main corn beef processing flow is as follows:
Meat unfreeze→sort→cut→soused/pickled→vacuum packed→retort cooked→inspection→store in cold room

flow chart of corned beef processing line

Main Equipment for Processing Corned Beef

main equipment for corned beef processing line

1. Unfreezing Frozen Beef (Unfreezing Tank)

beef unfreezing tank

Unfreezing tank is always used on unfreezing meat, poultry, seafood, etc, with frozen temperature -18C, a tank full with water, put meat in the tank, it will unfreeze quickly, cycling used, save energy, environment protect.

Name Unfreezing Tank
Model HG-1000
Loading 1000kg
Size 860*1660*1120mm
Thickness 2mm
Material SUS304

2. Sorting ( Stainless Steel Sorting Table)

beef sorting table

It is made of all stainless steel 304, solid and strong, load 1000kg, flat and high strength, no deform, high-temperature resistance, tear and wear durable, size can be customized, always used on food industry process, hygiene and health.

Name Stainless Steel Sorting Table
Model HG-1400
Size 1400*1500*780mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Material SUS304

3. Beef Cutting  ( Frozen Meat Cutting Machine)

automatic beef meat cutting machine
Used for cutting big size meat blocks to small size, strong and durable, easy operation and maintenance, efficient, save time and labor.

Model QK-2000
Speed 24 times/minute
Tunnel width(mm) 550 mm
Blade journey(mm) 200 mm
Blade gap(mm) 100-200 mm
Power(kw) 7.5 kw
Capacity 2-5 ton/hr
Weight(kg) 400 kg
Dimension(mm) 1470*800*1500 mm

4. Sousing and pickling/flavored ( Vacuum Tumbler)

In the vacuum status, meat in the bowl rolling and impacting, soused and pickled enough flavoring, meat absorb enough flavors, more delicious, increase meat quality, fresher, looser, salted and marinated well.

beef meat tumbler

Model GR-800
Volume 800L
Capacity 400 kg/batch
voltage 380 v
Size 1130*1780*1550 mm
Power 2.25 kw
Weight 500 kg
Material SUS 304

5. Vauum Packing ( Vacuum Packing Machine)

Remove the air in the bag and sealed, keep fresh and prolong quality period, not go bad, easy store and transport.

beef meat packing machine

Model DZ-600/2S
Chamber size 700*610*130mm
Power 2.2 kw
Seal size 600*10/2mm
Speed 120-180bags/hr
Seal strip 2*2
Dimension 1400*630*920mm
Weight 260 kg

6. Sterilization cooking ( Retort sterilizer)

Use high pressure and temperature hot water, sterilizing and cooking food after packaging, heat transmission fast and average, keep good quality, prolong quality period, easy for long time store and transport.

beef retort cooking machine

Name Double tank water bath sterilizer
Model HG-1200
Inside diameter 1200 mm
Tank length 4000 mm
Length 5500 mm
Width 2000 mm
Height 3600 mm
Material SUS304/Q2358
Temperature 145°C