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Various of Commercial Meat Processing Machines for Pork, Beef, Poultry, Fish etc. Offer You Complete Meat Processing Solution. Ideal Choice for Small and Medium-Size Meat and Bone Processing Plant. Affordable Price.

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Automatic Meatball Production Line

Our meatball production line is suitable for producing various meatballs, like pork balls, beef balls, fish balls, vegetable balls, and so on. Meatballs produced by our meatball production line are of perfect and consistent shapes, have good taste, and are uniform in size. The production line keeps the product structure intact and has a high production capacity. We can customize meatball production lines of different capacities according to your requirement.

100kg/h Burger Patty Production Line

This automatic meat patty production line can be used to produce hamburger patty, chicken nuggets, chicken or beef steak, pumpkin, or potato patty. It is mainly composed of Automatic Meat Patty machine, Starching Machine, Breading Machine, and Powdering Machine. It is easy to make different shapes of meat patty such as round meat patty, square meat patty, tri-angle meat patty, etc. by changing different molds.

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A. You get more than just innovative meat equipment, you gain access to hands-on expertise and support-in meat processing plants.
B. With decades of experience and adept skill, strictly trained salesmen can show hidden profits in your meat processing business.
C. A quality process which meets the requirements of international quality system standards has been defined to ensure the effective implementation of Quality Policy.
D. We continuously improve machine quality and service through final installation and use by the customer as well as effective feedback and timely corrective actions.
E. Maximum customer Return On Investment is our ultimate aim; glad to provide cost and performance benefit to the customer in the execution of designing a meat processing plant layout.